When to use P2P services

Popularly known as torrent, p2p networks are a form of computer systems that allow for file sharing without the use of servers. With this technology, a computer can copy data directly from the hard disk of another computer without any geographical barriers, so long as both computers are connected to the internet. This technology has been linked to many media piracy cases making it a risky business to use it. It is also bandwidth intensive, making most internet providers block its usage within their networks.
While most operations carried out using p2p are illegal, the technology itself is not, it is robustly constructed and very useful for files transfer. In this article, we look at some of the scenarios where using p2p is advised and legal.

When to use torrent networks

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The majority of open source content, including software and images, are freely released by the creators without any restrictions. This means that anyone can redistribute the files without breaking any laws. Finding open source files on the torrent networks is common. If you cannot access downloads from the creator’s website due to some malfunction, it is safe to get the files using p2p.

When the link has been provided

In some rare cases, companies use p2p to share their data. Mostly this is save the cost of running a server. A company simply seeds their file, and after a few people download it, they also seed it making it easy and quick to download. Companies such as Conical, the creators of the popular open source operating system Ubuntu, have been known to use p2p to share their content. Before to download content using a provided p2p magnet link, make sure that you verify that the site is authorized to offer the link.

When sharing your files

This is pretty straight forward. If youmvlsdmvlsdmvsdvmsdlvmsmdvlsdvmlsdmvsdvsdvsdvsdvsd are the original creator of a given file and wish to freely share it with friends, family, and even the public, then you should go with p2p. The technology will enable you to reach a multitude of people at no cost unless you count the cost of internet connection. The platform is, however, terrible for sharing content that is premium, so do take note of that.
These are some of the situations that you can legally use p2p or torrent networks. It should be noted that a lot of copyrighted material is shared via this network and downloading them is a federal crime.