The various areas of law

Dealing with the law is a process that not many people like. Whether it is due to a criminal case, immigration problems, real estate or corporate law matter these things are best left to the expert who we all know as lawyers.

Who is a lawyer?jhtgkf

A lawyer or attorney is a person who has studied law in university and has passed the bar examination in the state that they practice. Many lawyers will concentrate on a particular area of law when they are in law school. Some will specialize in criminal law while other will prefer to practice in immigration relate matters. If you are looking for legal advice and assistance in such fields the Colavecchio Law Firm will be a great option for you. Let us, in brief, see what is covered by particular areas of law.

Criminal law

This is an area of law that deals with many offenses that are deemed criminal. They include crimes against the public or state where injury or loss is caused due to the actions of the accused. They can include murder, theft, drug trafficking and many others.

Immigration law

These are often matters that involve a person who enters a country illegally or wants to gain residency due to some reasons but may not be allowed by the state. In such cases, an attorney can help build a solid case so that the person seeking some justice has a better chance of getting fair treatment.

Real estate law

This is an area that deals with the purchase, sale or disputes arising for any matter related to property. It can be an issue with a boundary line, or the division of a property among siblings. Whatever the case may be, it is prudent to have a lawyer on your side. A qualified lawyer will know the ins and outs of the legal system and can take care of all the messy legal work to settle a problem swiftly.

khjlCorporate and business law

Any company whether large or small needs to adhere to certain laws. However, even in the corporate world, there is so many rules and regulations that require expert advice. Even companies can have disputes with customers and suppliers and in such instances, they would require the services of a reputable law firm to handle the matter for them so that their interests are met.


The law is there for all of us and there are many facets of it that we do not know. If you are faced with a legal problem, contact a lawyer and you can get your problem sorted fast.